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Pouya Jahanshahi is an Iranian American Graphic Designer, Film maker and Educator, migrating from his home country of Iran more 30 years ago.

Mr. Jahanshahi received his MFA in Graphic design and Integrated Media, from California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). His research focused on the global development of what he terms “Hybrid Visual Cultures”, where cross-pollination of cultures have resulted in the birth of new visual realms and typographic forms.

This perspective of “Cultural Hybridity” is what guides his vision, and visible in his works across various mediums being exhibited in various arenas. While presenting on such related issues internationally, Mr. Jahanshahi is currently working on an independent documentary film: The Visual Language of Iranian Graphic Design”.

When time permits, he pursues his hobbies of Persian calligraphy, silk-screening and concrete poetry.

Pouya Jahanshahi is currently is Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Oklahoma State University, College of Arts and Sciences.